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Migdalia Ortiz, Easton, PA
This place is crazy! The cornfield walk was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. My son hasn’t been able to sleep for 3 days since he thinks the pig man is going to get him. Great time and we will be back with my entire family next week!

Mike Mitchell, Rising Sun, MD
We have been to many of the other greatest Halloween shows (seems like there are an awful lot of them, especially in PA) and our favorite is still Jason’s Woods. It is unbelievable that they still have so many fresh new ideas and great designs year after year. The Field of Fright is so much more than a corn maze, it was everyone in my groups favorite! Another highlight was the Lost walking trail…I have no idea how we managed to get out alive! We will skip the others and go straight to Jason’s Woods in 2015!

Chuck Wise, Avondale, PA
Just recently moved to PA from Northern Virginia and I have to say that I am very, very impressed with the impeccable detail and quality of work these guys put into their horror shows. This was my first haunted hayride ever and wow what an exciting experience. I’m a junky for Halloween and I’ve seen Jason’s Woods fliers, billboards, and ads for years so I was super hyped to drive up tonight to finally see the show. I was pleasantly surprised that it not only lived up to the hype but blew it away! My daughter actually wants to be the vampire from the Theater for trick or treat! Thank you to you and your team for a great experience! *this is my own opinion, not compensated in any way*

Siriusblack87 writes
Zombie Apocalypse was a great addition this year! We were all waiting for the zombies and they were all at Jason(s) Woods. The guy in the gas mask was like a spider monkey climbing around and chasing my girl it was so funny, then the zombie hunter chased us through a hallway full of spots and I had no idea where I was and I couldn’t find my friends. It was actually scary and really funny. I’m going to bring the wrestling team down and see if they can handle it…

Carolyn Petty Myerstown, PA
Thank you for creating the Chamber of Horrors! It was an amazing experience! Such a great group of performers! It felt very personal, creepy, and fun. I can’t wait to do it again! We will be back with my family next weekend.

Particular experiences to look forward to: interacting with the scientist and his out of control robot, trying not to lose your head around “the Butcher”, and being pulled into a cage by a skinless, somewhat sexy, zombie Also – there is a fantastic feel for pacing – speed and interaction type – whether creepy, uncomfortable, or “dangerous”- was spot on. 5 out of 5 (flaming) skulls!

Keila Ramirez
Hi, my name is Keila Ramirez and I just thought I would drop you a quick email to tell you what a good time we had at Jason’s Woods on Saturday night!I was the one who called on Thursday wondering about handicapped accessible attractions. My mom is confined to a wheelchair but still loves horror and being scared and we have a difficult time in finding things to do with her that don’t make her embarrassed or “in the way”. I was delighted to find that you could accommodate us!I can’t thank you enough for the understanding and caring that your team showed throughout our entire visit. We loved the Chamber of Horrors and had no problem being part of a group and having a great time! The doctor in the last scene even tried to wheel mom away, hilarious! The hayride was literally mind blowing and everything added up to a memory we will never forget Thank you again!

“Some Halloween attractions are so predictable at trying to scare you….this is not one of them! When I went to Jason’s Woods in Lancaster, PA I truly left scared! They keep the place so pitch black that you can’t see where people are jumping out of! My heart was pounding the entire time and I loved it! I can’t wait for next year!”

Emily Songer, Lancaster, PA
So excited for the Fall/Halloween season this year. I’ve been coming to Jason’s Woods for years and it always keeps me on my toes. Plus the food vendors are to die for (literally)!!

Andrea Kurtz, Monroeville, PA
My boyfriend saw an ad for Jason’s Woods in the Pittsburgh city paper and when we went to the website we just had to go! It was well worth the 4 hour plus drive! Nothing we have seen or done at Halloween time has been like our first (of many) visits to Jason’s Woods.

We were impressed with how far away from anything we were which really put us in a terrible state of mind! Immediately when we arrived we knew we were in for a longggg night of scares!

And so much to do…they had 4 haunted houses and a very scary ride through the woods. After making friends with a gaggle of clowns we decided we would stay at a local hotel and come again that Saturday night, and guess what the show was even better! I just wanted to give a shout out to the screaming girl in the movie theater and the mad scientist in the Chamber of Horrors, they were so relentless and evil it was amazing! We will definitely be making a road trip again in 2014, thank you so much!

James Zook, Easton, PA
Take it from the guys who started it all… Jason’s Woods is always top notch with the best actors and Special effects money can buy!!!! always a guarantee for Thrills, Chills and fun for the whole family. I have been coming since 1990 and its always different and sooooo fun!!

Miranda H., Newark, DE
My friends and I have been going to haunted attractions for years and Jason’s Woods is one that we all look forward to. They keep it interesting with its changes and new characters. It is the perfect combination of fun, scary, unexpected entertainment. It is fantastic because it is like the actors know how to change to work with the different groups of people coming through. It is fresh and new each year, I can’t recommend it enough!!

William Z., Washington D.C.
We drove from DC to Jason’s woods and don’t regret it one bit. The actors and staff are really nice and friendly. We met one of the managers and he was so nice. We bought the $45 tickets and trust me you get so much for little money compared to other haunted attractions. The lines were very long but moved very quickly and efficiently. We had so much fun and never got bored. It’s the best haunted attraction we’ve been to. Will definitely be going back next year!

Warren I. Philadelphia, PA
WOW Jason’s Woods continues to impress me. This is my family’s staple Halloween attraction for the past 10 years. This year has to be my favorite. The hayride was mind shattering and scary. Everyone from the ticket sellers to the food people were very nice and top notch. The makeup effects are as good as the movies or sometimes better! The best part was the clowns that chased my wife through the ticket line. It is definitely worth the drive and money to come to Jason’s Woods!!

Robert H. Altoona, PA
My family and I have visited Jason’s Woods for the last three years or so. Every year we find something entertaining and fun that my kids and I talk about for ages. While the drive might be a bit hard to get to (even with the dozen or more signs), the scenic drive through Lancaster countryside is as spooky as it gets. The lines might have been a bit long at times but plenty of entertainment from clowns, music, and comedians entertained us. The staff was friendly and courteous from the parking lot to the ticket takers. My kids wanted to go on it again. The hayride was well themed and very unique, not your typical scary fare. The actor’s makeup and dress fit them extremely well. Also, at other shows in the area many of the actors tug or pull on you to get you to scream if you don’t react. Jason’s Woods gives you space while still being in your face and turning a nerve. The effects and sound were amazing. The kids still talk about making flaming machines in the backyard (NOOOO!). If you want wholesome, scary family entertainment for your money go to Jason’s Woods. They’ve been doing it for years and there is a reason why.

Harold K., Tom’s River, NJ
Had a great time. The Theatre welcomed us grimly, and from then on, I couldn’t keep a muscle in my body still. The hayride was like a fist, repeatedly beating against my chest. There was no way it could’ve been my heart. I may have developed an anxiety problem– and I couldn’t be happier about it

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