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Frequently Asked Questions

It says on the website you close at 10pm, will I still get to go through everything if I am here by closing time?

The attractions start at 7pm and as long as you are on the property by 10:00pm we will get you through all the attractions.


Do you take credit cards?

No, we do not accept credit cards. We are a cash only venue. We do have an ATM on site. If possible we suggest saving time by using your credit card to buy tickets online.


Can I upgrade my tickets at the farm?

Yes you can add attractions or upgrade to VIP when you arrive.


Do you close down if it rains?

We rarely close due to inclement conditions. The outdoor events occasionally are cancelled. Any weather cancellation announcements will be posted on the Jason’s Woods website and our Facebook (www.facebook.com/jasonswoodslancaster) page. If in doubt, feel free to call 717-875-5110.


How long does it take to go through all the attractions?

Depending on what night, once you purchase your tickets, the 3 show combo roughly takes about 2-2 ½ hours; 5 show combo about 3-3 ½ hours. An entire evening of fun!


What night should I come to avoid crowds?

Friday and Sunday nights are less crowded.


Can I purchase any of the attractions separately?

Yes, the hayride can be purchased separately. All other attractions must be purchased as a package.


What is an appropriate age for children?

There is no age limit; however, we do not recommend our attractions for young children as they are scary. Parents/Guardians are advised to use discretion.

Are there refunds if it’s too scary?

No, there will be no refunds.


Can I go through the attractions if I’m pregnant?

We encourage you to use good judgment. If you are pregnant, have an injury, heart condition, or any other illness that may be effected by the atmosphere of a haunted attraction we discourage you from going through the attractions.


Are any of the attractions wheelchair accessible?

We are extremely compassionate to the special needs of our customers, therefore the Horrifying Hayride, Chamber of Horrors, and Carnival of Fear are as accessible as possible given the fact they are still located in a farm atmosphere. We offer special pricing of $12 per attraction or all 3 for $25. These prices are only available at the physical box office at Jason’s Woods.


Is there food available for purchase?

Yes, we have terrific food! Burgers, fries, soft pretzels, funnel cakes and much more!


What should I wear?

You’re on a working farm. Most of our attractions are outdoors and sometimes affected by rain and other uncontrollable conditions. We recommend good supportive footwear. Spiked heels would be a bad decision!


Do you have group rates?

For groups of 20 or more email jasonswoodsonline@gmail.com for more information.


Interested in working at Jason’s Woods?

Please email, Attn: Employment to jasonswoodsonline@gmail.com

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