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Horrifying Hayride

Horrifying Hayride at Jason's Woods

Experience more movements, motions, sensations and effects than ever before!
In addition to NEW scenes, NEW characters IMT FULLY LOADED launches Jason’s Woods to an entirely NEW level of extreme!!! If you dare… come feel the ground tremble beneath you as the volcano begins to erupt, witness your wagon being thrust from the earth high above the ground below as you’re tormented by blood thirsty creatures, experience the hair-raising sensation as the chainsaw rips through your spine, discover what it’s like when a 30,000lb, 18 wheeler crashes into your wagon sending it spiraling out of control!!! Find yourself with no option but to embrace the horror as the wrath of this NEVER before seen, most powerful creature of Jason’s Woods effortlessly throws the wagon from side to side, rips it from the ground, tossing it back down, taunting, laughing as the fires from deep within the earth submit to his control… All this and much more!  


The Horrifying Haunted Hayride is included in ALL combos.

Cutting Edge Integrated Motion Thrill-Ride

Jason's Woods
179 Stehman Road
Lancaster, PA 17603

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