Pushing the very limits, exceeding expectations, blurring the line between hayride and thrill-ride this season the creators of IMT unleash GEN 3 on their unrespecting victims! Experience more movements, emotions, sensations and effects than ever before! In addition to feeling the ground tremble, experiencing the hair-raising vibrations and sensations of the chainsaw ripping through your spine, witnessing the wagon being thrown for side to side by savage, blood thrusting creatures this year, find out what it’s like when your wagon is trusted from the earth, forced high into the air by powers greater then you can only imagine! Feeling the horror of snakes as they slither through the very hay in which you sit. Finding yourself screaming in terror as something, beneath the wagons floor is, pounding, tearing its way through… ALL this and MUCH MORE!    


The Horrifying Haunted Hayride is included in ALL combos.